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Brazilian Portuguese (BP)

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Brazilian Portuguese
Português Brasileiro [portuˈɡe(j)s]
Spoken in Brazil
Region South America
Total speakers 190 million (2010 census)
Language family Indo-European
Writing system Latin
Official status
Official language in Brazil
Regulated by not regulated
Language codes
ISO 639-1 639-1:pt-BR
ISO 639-2
ISO 639-3 639-3:por

The Brazilian national anthem:

The Brazilian national anthem (Lyrics)

TC wiki pages on BP:

Brazilian Portuguese is represented with several articles on the TC-wiki:

Map Brazil.jpg

Brazilian Portuguese in the TC database:

Future in Brazilian Portuguese
Future Present Progressive in Brazilian Portuguese.
O gato de Simon
Tense in Brazilian Portuguese
Um índio

Brazilian Portuguese information on large speech and text corpora

Portuguese Corpora Compilation by Microsoft
A large speech database for Brazilian Portuguese spoken language research 2003
A Brazilian Portuguese Speech Database 2008


Brazilian Portuguese FOR FUN!!! :D

BP Dummies :)
Cheat sheet for learners
BP Basics


About Brazil and Brazilians :D

Countries and their cultures - Brazil
Culture of Brazil
Culture Crossing - Brazil
Brazilian radio online - Music, society and culture
The Brazilian hour radio - Brazilian music with narration in English

Main Brazilian Online Newspapers:


Brazilian Portuguese some basic references:

Mateus MHM. et al. – "Gramática da Língua Portuguesa" (5ª edição, revista e aumentada), Lisboa (Editorial Caminho – Colecção Universitária / Série LINGUÍSTICA), 2003
MATEUS MHM. et al. "Gramática da Língua Portuguesa", 6ª Edição. Lisboa, Editorial Caminho. 2004
BP Phonology
Brazilian flag