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User:Franciane Rocha

Franciane Rocha
Trondheim Workshop of Language Description and Docummentation - 2010

I am a student of linguistics originally from Brazil and currently a master student at the international program in Linguistics of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim - Norway. I also hold a licentiate degree in Letters (licensed in Spanish and Portuguese language) from the State University of Feira de Santana - Brazil

Besides Portuguese, that is my mother tongue, I can communicate in English, Spanish and Norwegian. My interest and fascination for languages make me go deeper in the understanding of the mechanisms that are involved in language production and use and specially if it has to do with technology.

I am now dedicated to the study of formal linguistic theories applied mainly to semantics, syntax, pragmatics, phonetics and phonology (such as LFG, HPSG, DP, Relevance Theory, OT, etc...), as well the study of electronic tools for treatment of linguistic data (that includes TypeCraft annotation system, Praat, LKB among other). The focus of my master's thesis is the Future Present Progressive expressions in Brazilian Portuguese and this work has been developed under supervision of Prof. Dorothee Beermann.

I am also interested in natural language processing, machine translation, computational linguistics and Sociolinguistics. I have some experience in Sociolinguistics from the work I developed during my undergraduate studies in Brazil. These studies were related to linguistic change in spoken Brazilian Portuguese.

Contact: franrocha.fsaATgmail.com

Franciane Rocha's Lattes CV - In Portuguese


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