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User:Lilian Haugereid

Hello TypeCraft.

My name is Lilian Haugereid a Ghanaian living in Norway. I am educated as a linguist and have worked with my native language Akan for a while. I pay more attention to the dialect Asante Twi because that is my mother tongue. My parents are Ewes and for that matter I do speak a little Ewe but cannot read much

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="5.965754" lon="-1.779785" zoom="8">

5.965754,-1.779785 I grew up in Dunkwa </googlemap>The map shows the location of Dunkwa-on-Ofin Ghana.

I grew up in Upper Denkyira District, Dunkwa on Ofin, which is about two hours drive to Kumasi, the home of the Asantis. In Dunkwa most people, if not everyone, speaks Asante Twi. It was a Gold mining town at that time so most people migrated from the Asanti region, mostly Kumasi to Dunkwa to work in the then Dunkwa Goldfields Company.

My father was an employer there as well. Even though my parents tried speaking Ewe with us at home, it just did not work. The outside influence was much stronger. I spoke Asant Twi and started studying it at an early age at the primary school. Now I have difficulty speaking Ewe. Whenever I am asked what my native language is, I aways respond by saying "it is Asanti Twi" because it is the truth.

After my secondary Education, I went to the university of Ghana and majored in Linguistics. I took courses in Phonology, Morphology, syntax and semantics of Akan. After my BA degree in Ghana, I traveled to Norway and took a masters degree in Linguistics again with specialites in the same language. Now I am on TypeCraft trying to contribute by completing some of the work that has been started on Akan

You can get in touch with me, send me an e-mail in TypeCraft.

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