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Spoken in Uganda
Region Central Uganda
Total speakers 4 million native speakers and 4 million non-native speakers (2002 Population and Housing Census)
Language family Niger-Congo
  • Luganda
Language codes
ISO 639-1 None
ISO 639-2
ISO 639-3 cgg

Luganda is represented with several articles on the TC-wiki:

Augmentation in Luganda

In this article there is a description of how Luganda augments by using the noun class system that is so common with Bantu languages. Augmentation is realised with cl 7(e)ki- cl, cl 8(e)bi-, 11(o)lu-,cl 20(o)gu- and cl 22(a)ga-. Follow the link above for a full article.

Diminutives in Luganda

Dminutives are very interesting in Bantu languages. In Luganda diminutives are realised through the noun class system involving concordial elements. A few adjectives are also used to denote diminutiion in Luganda. The link above will take you to the article that describes how diminutiion is used in Luganda.

A comparative analysis of Runyankore-Rukiga and Luganda pronominal agreement

In this article we provide a comparison of the pronominal concordial agreement between Luganda and Runyankore-Rukiga. Follow this link for details.

Typological Features Template for Luganda

This link provides descriptive information about Luganda typology.