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Classroom:NTNU, LING1113 (2009) - Events

This page should be seen in connection with the pages: Classroom:NTNU,_LING_1113_(2009)_-_Norwegian_Verbs_of_Motion and Classroom:NTNU,_LING1113_(2009)_-_Motion_and_Space



Motion can be described as dynamic movement through space. Motion entails the displacement of some entity, or conceptually relevant positional change. Motion is usually associated with actives, seeing that more often than not motion entails some kind of action, though certain motions can be described as states.

Figure is the entity that is displaced by the predicate.

The Source of motion is the location from which the moving object (Figure) starts it's motion.

An example of a Source is given by the following example:

The source here would be 'byen'; the point from which the figure is moved.

Goal The goal is the location to which the moving object (Figure) moves.

An example:

The goal here would be 'landet'; the point towards which the Figure is moving.


- Where the movement happens.

- Path

- The trajectory of the figure.


- By which means movement is made possible. The basic distinction is between vehicular and non-vehicular transportation.


- How motion events are performed in terms of speed and intensity.

Some morphological patterns in Norwegian


- The relationship between a movement and what causes the movement.