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Spellchecker for Luganda - Pilot

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A pilot for a spellchecker for Luganda can be found at https://orto.polytext.io

You print (or paste) a word or sequence of words into the open line area, and get a response in the larger field. The spellchecker checks each word. Is every word spelled correctly, just the expression is shown. If any word is misspelled, the word is shown with a red line underneath, and with suggestions for how it may be correctly spelled.

Note that the system is for word spelling only, not for syntax.

Here now two example sentences which are from the TC Luganda corpus: (https://typecraft.org/tc2/ntceditor.html#1886 and https://typecraft.org/tc2/ntceditor.html#4141,629322)

Atandika okubuukabuuka nga yeebuuza ky'abadde.
Bw’otyo nno, osaana okulaba nti singa osalawo okwenyigira mu kikolwa ekyo, ebikivaamu byonna oteekwa okubigumira.

(They mean respectively: 'He starts jumping as he asks himself what had happened to him.' and 'It is thus proper that if you decide to engage in such an action, you should endure the consequences.' )

The sentences are grammatically correct. If each word is spelled correctly then the returned sentence in the response field will remain unmarked. Try to scrambling words or replace a tensed word form with a basic verb form while retaining a correct spelling for each word; also then the response will in effect also come out unmarked for mistakes, as the system only looks at word internal spelling.