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Personal pronouns in Norwegian

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Personal pronouns in Norwegian are distinguished partly by person, partly by number, partly by inherent gender, and partly by case in instances where a distinction like what is often called nominative vs. accusative plays a role in Norwegian. The following example illustrates:

Jeg har truffet deg
“I have met you”

The following is a full list of the forms serving as personal pronouns:

jeg    1p  sg            nominative
meg    1p  sg            accusative   reflexive_or_non-reflexive
du     2p  sg            nominative
deg    2p  sg            accusative   reflexive_or_non-reflexive
han    3p  sg   masc     nominative
ham    3p  sg   masc     accusative   non-reflexive
hun    3p  sg   fem      nominative
henne  3p  sg   fem      accusative   non-reflexive
den    3p  sg   masc/fem 
det    3p  sg   neut
seg    3p                accusative   reflexive_only
vi     1p  pl            nominative
oss    1p  pl            accusative   reflexive_or_non-reflexive
dere   2p  pl                         reflexive_or_non-reflexive
de     3p  pl            nominative
dem    3p  pl            accusative   non-reflexive

See Possessive constructions in Norwegian on how these forms compare to their possessive counterparts.

The forms den, det and de are homophonous to the definite articles.

Reflexive use of a personal pronoun is restricted to accusative forms, obligatory for one form, namely seg in 3rd person, and possible also for the accusative forms in 1st and 2nd person (see further in Reflexives - Norwegian).

The forms den, det, de and dem also have uses where they may be called demonstratives, here in a group with denne, dette and disse distinguished along a dimension of proximity (in space, discourse or attention):

den    3p  sg   masc/fem    non-proximate
det    3p  sg   neut        non-proximate
denne  3p  sg   masc/fem    proximate
dette  3p  sg   neut        proximate
de     3p  pl   nominative  non-proximate
dem    3p  pl   accusative  non-proximate
disse  3p  pl               proximate

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