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Grammar sparring phenomena

The following is an inventory of phenomena of Norwegian grammar for which A Norwegian Grammar Sparrer can offer specific feedback messages. Each item in the list sits under a link to a brief, general description of the relevant field of phenomena. See also Phenomena covered by the Norwegian Grammar Sparrer.

Sentence syntax - Norwegian

Subject-verb order

Obligatoriness of subject

Syntax of verb tense

Participles following auxiliaries

Infinitives following modals

Placement of sentence adverbs

Patterns in main and subordinate clauses

Verb Complementation - Norwegian

General Grammatical Functions of arguments of verbs in Norwegian

Special topics:

Infinitival complements, and homophony of coordinating conjunction and infinitival marker

Predicatives following copulas, and adjective agreement

Obligatorily transitive verbs

Reflexive verbs

Prepositional complements

The Noun Phrase - Norwegian

Forms of the noun

Agreement in the noun phrase

Determiners and determiner patterns


Possessive pronouns

Personal pronouns and Pronominal case

Reflexive pronouns

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Sentence syntax - Norwegian

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Past and Perfective patterns in Norwegian

Personal pronouns in Norwegian

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