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Gender in Norwegian nouns

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Gender in Norwegian nouns

Common nouns in Norwegian belong to a gender: ‘masculine’, ‘feminine’ or ‘neuter’. (In some versions of Norwegian there are only two options, the marking of feminine having disappeared or nearly disappeared. In these versions, one sometimes refers to the remaining non-neuter gender as ‘common gender’. Here we will assume the three-gender system.) The gender of a noun reveals itself in the form of the inflections for number and definiteness; typical forms of the suffixes are as indicated below (note that 'indefinite singular' has no suffix):

noun suffixes sorted by definiteness, number and gender
feature masculine feminine neuter
indefinite plural -er -er Ø (zero)
definite singular -en -a -et
definite plural -ene -ene -ene or -a

The gender also can show itself in agreement. See . Agreement in Norwegian noun phrases

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